Privacy policy


Private Individual (hereinafter the Customer, Personal data Subject), leaving an application on the website, accepts the following Personal data Processing consent (hereinafter the Consent). Freely, by their will and in their interest, and by affirming their legal capacity, The Customer gives his/her Consent to Zetta Ltd. represented by Chief Executive Director Gadjieva Izeta Navruzbekovna (Primary State Registration Number of Individual Entrepreneur: 7703812859, TIN: 1147746714004), hereinafter the Seller, conducting entrepreneurial activities at 123022, 1 Rastorguevsky pereulok street, Moscow, Ph: 8-499-253-03-02, 8-499-253-03-22), to process his/her personal data on the following conditions:

  1. The Customer gives his/her Consent to have his/her personal data processed either using automation facilities or or not.
  2. The Customer’s Consent gives the Seller the right to process the following personal data:
    1. first, second and middle names, address, document of identification (ID), records on the document’s release;
    2. first, second and middle names, address, document of identification (ID), institution and date records on the document’s release, contract or other document details confirming the Customer’s credentials (on giving The Customer’s Consent);
    3. name of the enterprise or name, middle and second name of the Seller, receiving The Customer’s Consent;
    4. aim of personal data processing;
    5. list of personal data that the Customer gives his/her Consent for processing;
    6. name of the enterprise or name, middle and second name of the Individual, processing the Customer’s data as instructed by the Seller if the processing is handed over to this Individual;
    7. list of actions undertaken with the personal data requiring the Customer’s Consent, general description of personal data processing methods (1 Personal data that is non-specific or biometric: mobile and other contact numbers, email addresses, place of employment and job title, user data (geographical location, type and version of the operating system, type and version of the browser, type of gadget used and screen dimension, source of visit (affiliate site link/banner advertisement), the systems language, page visits, button clicks, ip-address);
    8. the time frame in which the Seller can use the Customer’s personal data and the Consent’s call-of unless otherwise stated by the Federal law;
    9. the Customer’s signature of affirmation.
  3. The Customer’s personal data is not open to the public.
  4. The aim behind personal data processing: processing of incoming requests for the purpose of clients’ consultation; collecting analytics on Customers’ website actions and general website performance metrics; carrying over promotional and email-marketing campaigns.
  5. The following Consent and the Legislation of the Russian Federation, particularly Article 7 of the Russian Constitution, Clause 6, Federal Act №152 “On personal data” serves as the basis for processing personal data of the subject of personal data.
  6. Personal data processing may include the following operations: collection, recording, organizing, storing, adjusting, or altering, withdrawing, consulting, using, publishing through transmitting, revealing or making otherwise available, aligning, combing, blocking, deleting or destroying.
  7. The Customer’s personal data is used by the Seller until the Customer declines to provide his/her personal data to the Seller by unsubscribing from the Seller’s promotional and newsletters. The Consent to personal data processing can also be withdrawn upon the personal data Subject’s request. Personal data storage registered on paper records is undertaken in accordance with Federal Act №125 “On Achive-Keeping” of the Russian Federation and other laws and regulations in fields of archiving and archive keeping.
  8. The Consent can be withdrawn by the Personal data Subject or his representative by sending a written notice or an email to the Seller or his/her representative to the physical or email address stated in the beginning of this Agreement.
  9. In case of withdrawal of the data processing Consent the Seller can continue using the Customer’s data without his/her consent based on the principles outlined in Paragraphs 2 - 11 Part 1 Article 6, Part 2 Article 10 and Part 2 Article 11 of Federal Act №152 “On Personal Data”.
  10. This Agreement is valid at all times until the processing of personal data specified in Paragraph 7 and Paragraph 8 is terminated.
  11. Personal data may be obtained By The Seller from an individual who may not be the Subject of personal data, given that the Seller is provided with a confirmation of the existence of the grounds specified in Paragraphs 2 - 11 Part 1 Article 6, Part 2 of Article 10 and Part 2 of Article 11 of the Federal Act №152 "On Personal Data".
  12. The Seller is not responsible for the accuracy of the information and documents containing such information submitted to him/her by the person or his/her representative, nor will he be responsible for improper processing of personal data in case the Consent was provided by an unauthorized representative of the Subject of personal data, given that this representative submitted the appropriate documents confirming the representative’s authority, and excluding the Seller’s capability to verify the validity of such documents.
  13. The terms and definitions provided in this Agreement must be interpreted in accordance with Article 3 of the Federal Act №152 "On Personal Data".